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Just got Smarter.

The latest version of the SMARTneo is an intelligent switched mode power supply that gives you control over a huge range of functions, including up and down movement, the ability to save memory positions, and a collision detection function featuring integrated Intelligent System Protection (ISP). You can even connect your two SMARTneo control boxes together to control extra table legs with seamless cascading functionality.

Watch the videos below to set your world in motion!


Installation Guide


Cascading Guide





The Legend Returns.

The new, sleek HSU is a modern twist on a timeless classic. With an ergonomic button pad enabling responsive up/down movement alongside the possibility to save up to four memory positions, this superb user interface is the perfect complement to your SMARTneo’s extensive adjustable functionality.

Watch the video below to start your HSU experience!


Saving a memory position





Freedom at your fingertips.

The magnificent EASY2move brings the joy of motion directly to your fingertips. This ultra-responsive user interface is a declaration of our passion for outstanding ergonomic design: simple, effective, and beautiful. The epic user-friendliness of the EASY2move means that user instructions can be condensed to 4 words: “Lift up, push down”. However, we’d still love to tell you about how to get the most out of this (r)evolutionary adjustable product: why not get in contact.