Set your bed in motion! 

Looks matter. By implementing one of LOGICDATA’s ELEmatic component packages – the ELEmatic Standard or the ELEmatic Lite – you gain the freedom to create outstanding adjustable bedroom products, perfectly matched to the unique style of your brand: full customization, no compromise.

The ELEmatic Standard and ELEmatic Lite are safe, reliable mechatronic systems, compatible with a wide range of bed frame styles; including models with box springs, slatted platforms, underbed storage options, and non-standard headboard designs.


The ELEmatic Modules by LOGICDATA – We’ll do the motion. You do the rest.

ELEmatic Standard

Innovate. Activate. ELEvate.

With its superior cabling concept enabling the creation of tailor-made sleep systems with almost-invisible adjustable technology, the ELEmatic Standard is the perfect component package for bed manufacturers who value style, comfort, and ease of assembly. We provide all the required cables, a dedicated power supply, and a customizable remote control, leaving you to focus on providing the perfect night’s sleep for your customers.

ELEmatic Lite

Moving on up.

With its ultra-lightweight, ultra-compatible design, the ELEmatic Lite brings the joy of motion to almost any bedroom style. By concentrating only on the features that matter most – smooth movement of the Head and Foot Platforms, a Child Lock, and freely programmable Memory Positions – LOGICDATA provides adjustable excellence that won’t break the bank. See the future. See the Lite.