We want to see what others do not see. We take a step further where others stop. LOGICDATA is constantly in motion when it comes to innovation and new developments. We continuously strive to create the unexpected.

LOGICDATA develops mechatronic system solutions for adjustable home and office furniture.  We constantly strive to create new and better technology. We work hand in hand with our customers and suppliers to develop new ideas and applications.

We look for new ways to create the future of our products with over half of our company devoted to research and development.

We encourage our employees to continue their professional and personal growth. We empower each and every one to express their individuality and to implement their ideas. Our design teams and our partners continuously find better ways to produce in an environmentally conscious manner.

We endeavor to always improve and to (r)evolutionize our industry.



We strive to contribute to the world, to give something back. We want to use our knowledge and skills in order to make the world a better place to work and live in.


We (r)evolutionize adjustable furniture.



Excellence & Perseverance
Creativity & Innovation
Responsibility & Enthusiasm
Teamwork & Partnership

Our core values are what motivates our company, our employees and our products. We at LOGICDATA set our bar higher. We pursue excellence with steadfast perseverance, creativity and design innovation. We nurture our relationships with our customers with responsibly committed dedication. We cultivate our team building by inspiring free thinking and providing a receptive gathering of restless minds.


LOGICDATA is divided in two distinctive areas, the Business Units LOGIC OFFICE and LOGIC HOME.

LOGIC OFFICE offers electronic and mechatronic components for height-adjustable sit-stand-working places in the office furniture industry. LOGIC HOME offers mechatronic solutions for the home furniture industry.

In both areas our customers are offered the highest technological standard which puts quality and environmental awareness first.


Our innovative electronic and mechatronic systems as well as our embedded software raise products to the next level regarding technology, functionality, usability and design.

The ability to react flexibly to customer needs made LOGICDATA an international player in the furniture industry. An export rate of 100% emphasizes the company’s global market presence with chief markets in Scandinavia, Germany and the United States. Besides the distribution network we are also increasing technical support.