At LOGICDATA, we are driven to continuously learn. Our campus and our work environment is designed to offer lectures and workshops to inspire our employees and to offer them new ideas and skill sets that they can bring back to their teams. We invite speakers from inside and outside the company to bring their experience and expertise to us and we encourage our employees to partake of and implement this new knowledge.

By a sustainable learning structure, Gain It – Train It – Share It, we provide a successful continuing education program. With the guidance of Team Leaders and Human Resources, our employees choose the lectures that spark their interest and can be a useful tool.

LOGICDATA wants to learn and to teach. Our team provides invaluable experience and knowledge. Having the right mentor can be a most rewarding learning experience and we strive to build those relationships here. Providing solid support and guidance with regular meetings with mentors and team leaders, to evaluate ideas and give feedback in developing skills is what makes education at LOGICDATA sustainable.