Curious? Restless? Disruptive? At LOGICDATA, we ask questions. And we want you to ask questions too.

By joining our vibrant, dynamic team and becoming part of our phenomenal history – we stand proudly with over two decades of market leadership behind us – you become one of us: a mighty warrior on the front line of the adjustable (R)evolution. Our mission: to smash the boundaries of convention and to create world-changing mechatronic and electronic solutions for adjustable furniture that bring motion to the lives of millions.

As a spiritual home for the inquisitive, the courageous, and the young-at-heart, we provide talented professionals across the world with the unique chance to reach the pinnacle of their abilities within the global LOGICfamily. Inspiration. Dedication. Innovation.

From our state-of-the-art campus in the heart of Austria to our young, hungry subsidiaries in the USA, China, Slovenia, and Zagreb, the message is clear: if you share our values of creativity, passion, and outstanding professionalism, your time has come – a new home is calling. Join us.


At LOGICDATA, we are Minds in Motion. We see what others do not see. We go further where others stop. Our hearts are inspired by innovation, our souls committed to the development of products that will change the world.


The LOGIC Spirit is defined by the close friendships formed within our team. Through our regular and exciting extracurricular activities at all our global offices, we nurture a culture of love, unity, and togetherness – unique in our industry, unique in the world.


At LOGICDATA, our doors, like our hearts and minds, are always open. Our commitment to the creation of an honest, open, and innovative working environment is the key to a corporate culture like no other. Let your imagination run free.


Continuous learning and personal development are essential parts of the LOGICDATA philosophy. Through the LOGIC Academy – our in-house training facility – we give every employee the chance to learn the skills and disciplines that will help them succeed in their work and their lives beyond.